Creating Smarter homes

The smart systems we install are at the forefront of smart home automation. From the moment you enter your residence you can have smart control over everything.

Picture this: You are woken up by your self-opening curtains and your in-room audio system playing a song of your preference. You get out of bed and start your morning exercises with your smart system as your personal trainer. You tell your smart system to turn on the aircon because you're feeling hot. After your morning shower while you dress, your smart system can inform you of your daily schedule, shopping list etc. as your personal assistant. You make changes to your lists by simply speaking. As you make your way down the stairs the music follows you and each step lights up when you step on it. When you enter the kitchen, the lights are automatically turned on and your delicious morning coffee is ready made with the sprinklers running outside. You review the security footage from the previous night via voice and decide to head to work. All the lights are switched off and your sprinklers will run according to your scheduled times, saving you electricity and water. As you're leaving home, you flash your car's headlights to open and close the garage door and gate.

That's the type of potential every morning can have for home owners with smart systems. It can do tons more with all the incredible smart devices we offer.